Pressure Actuated Bypass Testing

Pressure Actuated Bypass Testing now Required by the State of Minnesota


How is the test performed?

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture has provided the steps to this test. Click here for this information.

A brief overview is presented here, but Ammonia Propane Solutions can perform this testing for you.

  1. Before beginning the testing, make sure that you are thinking about safety. All personnel should be wearing safety goggles and and ammonia rated gloves, and clean water should be easily accessible. 
  2. Attach, open all liquid and vapor riser and nurse tank valves OR open manual bypass valve. Let pressure equalize between storage and nurse tank OR within storage piping.
  3. Once equalized, record pressure on discharge side of pump. (Static Pressure)
  4. Start the pump and route anhydrous ammonia (NH3) to the nurse tank OR back into storage (manual).
  5. Close the liquid riser valve slowly OR manual bypass valve. (For troubleshooting, see guide)
  6. While bypassing, record pressure on discharge side of pump.. (Bypass Pressure)
  7. Shut off pump.
  8. Calculate: Bypass Pressure – Static Pressure=PSID. PSID should be in range of 30-50. Write date, Bypas, and Static, and the PSID for Minnesota Department of Agriculture review and future reference.

For more detailed information and questions, click through to the above guide

What is the standard expected and how should it be documented?

Pressure Actuated Bypass Testing now needs to be done at least once annually per the Minnesota Department of Agriculture. Sound complicated? A lot of pressure to get right? Don’t worry about it, we’ll do it for you. Ammonia Propane Solutions offers this service to our clients around the Midwest including Minnesota.

The calculation is Bypass Pressure – Static Pressure = PSID and the PSID needs to fall in the range of 30 to 50 without any notable pull down on the pump. For the Minnesota Department of Agriculture, you need to document the date of the test, the bypass and static pressure, as well as the resulting PSID in case the need arises from the MDA to review it.

Pressure Actuated Bypass Testing now Required by the State of Minnesota

For questions regarding this test requirement by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture you can visit them online at To schedule your test you can contact Ammonia Propane Solutions at (563) 785-4887. To learn more about additional services click on any of the options below: