Maintaining Your Ammonia Pumps While Not in Use

If you have ammonia pumps, it’s likely that at certain points of the year they are not in use. They might totally slip your mind during that time, but that’s not such a good idea. Ammonia pumps need to be properly maintained even when not in use so that when you are ready to use them continuously again, you will not have any issues with the pump or seals. You don’t want to be ready to use your ammonia pump when the time comes and find that you just cold shocked the pump seals and now your ammonia pump is failing. 

We have instead provided you with some tips for maintaining your ammonia pumps even while they’re not in use. Just like any other piece of equipment on a home’s property, farm, or business, you need to maintain and upkeep it so that it will run its best all year long every year. Ammonia pumps can be a long-lasting and efficient tool for your use, but you must maintain it properly. 

Here are some helpful tips for maintaining your ammonia pumps while not in use:

1.  It’s important to always, not just sometimes, follow manufacturers recommendations when greasing your pump. This is because over greasing your ammonia pump can damage your seals resulting in pump failure. The seals will become so covered in gunk from the grease that they will not be able to function properly, and your ammonia pump will not be ready for you when you need it. 
2. If at anytime liquid and vapor are removed from the pump for any period of time, vapor should be re-introduced into the pump prior to introducing liquid. This is a simple tip to keep your ammonia pump in top condition at all times. It’s not very difficult, and it will save you a lot of time and money in the long run. 

3. If you wait too long to try to work to maintain your ammonia pump, you’re going to encounter problems. Once seals have dried out and liquid ammonia is pushed into a dry pump, you can actually cold shock the pump seals which will result in pump failure. This is an unfortunate reality, and something that you do not want to encounter when you need to use your ammonia pump.

It’s so important to keep up with maintenance so that you can avoid pump failure and avoiding spending tons of time and money to replace and repair. You can save yourself from repairs with just a few simple steps!

maintaining your ammonia pumps when not in use