250lb Strainers on Ammonia Plants

Why Replace 250 lb Strainers on Ammonia Plants? 

Older ammonia systems may contain 250lb strainers, but they are not allowed in many jurisdictions. Why would they be restricted? If they were once useful, what happened to make them less so? Why can’t you keep yours? These may be some questions that you’re asking yourself as you read. We wanted to share an explanation as to why they should be replaced.

Do you have a 250lb strainer on your system?

The maximum allowable working pressure is 250lbs. The relief valves on your tank are also 250lbs. You would think all is well, right? Unfortunately, no. 

reasons you should get your ammonia system's strainer replaced Try this: close your main belly valve of your ammonia system and one before or after the pump because you have stopped production. Not a problem, you have hydrostatic relief within the closed section of pipe that is filled with liquid ammonia and contains your strainer. This will relieve any pressure that goes beyond the pressure rating of the hydrostatic relief. Again, you think you are all good, right? Sorry, still no good.

So what is the pressure that the hydrostatic relief valve relieves pressure? If it’s more than the MAWP of the strainer, you now have a potential for component failure due to over pressuring! This is why older ammonia systems may contain 250lb strainers are not allowed in many jurisdictions. They can be a danger because they may cause component failure and over pressure. This is obviously not something you want to happen to your system, and it’s a good reason to get yours checked out and replaced if you need to comply with regulations. Ammonia Propane Solutions can help you do just that. 

Ammonia Propane Solutions is an expert in the area, and we want your ammonia system to be working in tip top shape. Problems with strainers are no good for a well-functioning ammonia system, and we are here to help you get yours fixed up and ready to roll once more. If you have any questions or concerns, or need your strainer on your ammonia system replaced, please don’t hestitate to give us a call today. We have a large service area and years of experience in ammonia systems.

We want your equipment safe, ready to use at a moment’s notice, and well maintained. There’s nothing worse than trying to go use your ammonia system and finding that the system has failed and you now have to go through the process of getting it fixed instead of doing what you wanted to do: using your system! Give us a call today and get your strainer fixed up.