Prepare for a DOT Nurse Tank Inspection

All anhydrous ammonia tanks are required to undergo inspection to assure that they are in safe working condition as required by USDOT. It might seem like a hassle and a waste of time because it is such a common use on farms, but it’s important to remember that anhydrous ammonia is a chemical that can be extremely harmful if used in the wrong way or used without safety precautions. Ammonia Propane Solutions is a fully accredited DOT nurse tank inspection company with an active CT number. This means we can perform the whole inspection for you, and you can feel peace of mind knowing you’re following all regulations. However, there are some steps that you need to do to prepare for your DOT nurse tank inspection.

How to Prepare Your Nurse Tank

Nurse Tank Inspection FailureBefore we arrive to provide your nurse tank inspection, you will need to have a few things prepared. Otherwise, we will not be able to complete the inspection and will need to have another paid visit. Multiple visits are really unnecessary in most cases, and if you do the proper planning and preparation you will not need two visits. Save yourself the time and money and prepare now!

1. Percent Gauge Gaskets

Change all percent gauge gaskets prior to our arrival. This is very important to inspection, and to complete testing. You will not receive any paperwork, proper labeling, or final testing if this is not completed. This will result in another paid visit from us.

2. Placards

All placards must be new or look like new and be legible. If you need to, please replace the placard before we arrive. If the placard is not replaced or like new, we will not be able to complete the inspection unfortunately. We don’t carry extra placards, and if you don’t have one, we can’t complete the inspection.

3. Filled Tank

Nurse Tank Inspection FailureBefore we arrive for your inspection, it’s very important that you fill your tank up completely with water. What does this mean? When the tank is 100% filled and on a level surface, you should have water coming back out of the open valves. If not, it’s not totally filled and there are air pockets. We do not want any air pockets! If it’s moved off level ground, it’s extremely important that the pop-off valves are loose but still in their nozzle and all valves are closed but still intact in order for the water to stay in the tank. Otherwise, this will lead you to have another visit and more cost due to our hourly rate. If you have questions regarding this, feel free to contact us as it can be hard to understand something written out and sometimes you need someone to ask your questions in person along the way. Ammonia Propane Solutions is happy to help you prepare for your visit, just give us a call and we’ll talk you through exactly what you need to do and how.

Other Important Factors

Any valves and pressure gauges that need changed out will be changed out at the time of testing if they are faulty. This is because it can be a safety concern, and we would not be able to pass you on the inspection if they were not changed out. Give us a call for questions on this one. Again, when filling tanks, do not remove the pop-off valves totally, but have them loosened as it can become a tank problem when moving to unlevel areas.

Nurse TankWhen are Nurse Tank Inspections Performed?

In most cases, nurse tank inspections are performed from the summer months of June through August. This is a very short time frame, so expect that you need to get your information in to us very early. The sooner you get it turned in to us the better so that we are prepared and you are scheduled into the system. You don’t want to miss the cut-off and have to find another company you don’t know or trust to perform your inspection. Give us a call today and get your information sent in.

Our goal is to assist you in keeping in compliance with the regulations given by the Department of Transportation. Please never hesitate to give us a call if you need any further explanation on how to get prepared for your scheduled inspection. We are happy to help you out!