Ammonia and LPG Plant Installations, Repairs and Assembly Packages

Custom Solutions with a Focus on Safety

Ammonia Propane Solutions specializes in welded ammonia and propane bulk plant installations. You can count on us to give you the best products and service, and to put your safety and the safety of others before everything else. So what can we do for you? 

Bulk Plant Installations

Our team will customize a design for your NH3 and LPG plant installations. We plan and implement anhydrous ammonia and propane/LP plant designs with a focus on safety and productivity but also with an eye for a custom solution for your specific needs. We are happy to work with you on what exactly your wants and needs are for your farming operation or other business. We know you know what you need for your specific farm more than we are aware, and we want your input–and we’ll implement the safety portion.

We are accredited by the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors for R-Stamp repair and/or alteration of pressure retaining items. Welded systems eliminate potential leaks by taking threaded connections out of the equation. We also design concrete trough solutions for plant installations.

Our team comes to your location for plant installation and we are in and out in an average of four days to a week. We provide you with a site reference manual upon completion of your plant installation. The goal is to provide you with most of the technical information you will need to update or complete your risk management program as well as the PSM federal guidelines. We also can obtain U1A Reports for the original construction of vessels provided by the National Board.

Assembly Packages

If you have the know how to do your own ammonia or propane plant installation, let us be your partner. We know our parts, what they do, and how to help you install them correctly. We offer assembly packages specifically for your plant installation including:

  • Bulkhead Packages
  • Riser Packages
  • Belly Valve Packages
  • Bypass Packages
  • Bulk Plant Packages
  • Pneumatic/Electric/Remote Safety Systems

We offer technical support for our assembly packages to make sure the install process goes the way it should. Safety is our focus and we want to make sure that you have all the help you need to do your installation correctly. From pump issues to state and federal code questions, we have you covered. We have personal relationships with our manufacturers, so we can get information and help right from the source.

Our purpose is to develop solutions for ag retail through a foundation of codes such as ASME, ANSI, R-Stamp, Local, State, and other authorities having jurisdiction. Contact us to learn more about our plant installation process and assembly package options.

New By pass - ammonia & propane bulk plant installations
Standard Bulkhead - ammonia & propane bulk plant installations
Riser layout - ammonia & propane bulk plant installations
Pop Off Protection Top of Storage Tank - ammonia & propane bulk plant installations
Storage Tank Belly Parts - ammonia & propane bulk plant installations